Who we are

Hofs Holding BV was a start-up, founded in the Netherlands in 2006. The company has grown over the years and expanded to six facilities across the U.S. and Europe, with over 100 employees and over 55,000 products. The continued growth and success resulted in an acquisition in 2007.

Our customers range from private individuals and multinational corporations to small schools and massive government agencies, working on projects as diverse as Fruits production to alcohol!

The last thing you do is the first thing the customer sees. So, let’s do it right!

This core philosophy drives everything we do here at Hofs Holding, and the results speak for themselves! In addition to minding the details, we so strive to incorporate the idea of Kaizen within the company culture. Literally translating to “Continuous improvement,” we understand that everybody in the company should strive to always be better even in small ways.


It’s All About You

Everybody at Hofs Holding BV understands that you, the customers, are the reason we’re here. The company exists to help you, and it is your support and business that keeps the lights on.

Thank you for your business and support, and for being such an amazing community of customers!