Payment Terms

All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to our bank account, the order will ship after the payment received in our bank account, and to handle any misunderstanding both of sales and customer, please you contact us through phone/email after you have make a payment.

♦ 40% T/T upon signed PI and 60% against presentation of shipping documents and tracking information of shipment.

Shipment Process After Payment Confirmation:

♦ Shipping begins within 3 to 5 business days after payment confirmation into any of our European Account given inside our Signed PI.

♦ Buyer shall be informed once payment is received into our account and at same time invited to our facility to conduct the test and loading process with us should he/she deem it necessary to be present during this process.

Invitation Letters & Visits

♦ All visiting clients must have to place their order with us and make their deposits before initiating the request of invitation letters from us.

♦ Clients who insist on visiting before placing their order and making payments will be urge to pay for their invitation letter fee which is EUR 280 before we will approve their visit by issuing them with an Invitation letter in response after the confirmation of the invitation letter fee payment of EUR 280.